Visibility for spend, trend, and performance in Relativity

DiscoveryMaster presents a unified dashboard experience to monitor document review budgets, tags, and timelines. Our solution is trusted by in-house counsel, outside counsel, and document review providers across the legal landscape.

eDiscovery Has Been a Budgetary Black Hole for Too Long

When a client wants a status update for their eDiscovery projects, they hound counsel, review partners, or both. The team performing the review is frustrated because a junior associate or project manager has to manually mine and compile stats instead of performing quality-enhancing activities to help meet a deadline. The client is frustrated because they’re being charged an hourly rate without any value-add. And everybody is frustrated because by the time stats are compiled, they’re outdated and irrelevant.

Key Benefits

eDiscovery Project Reporting

  • Federated access across Relativity channel partners
  • Budget
  • Completion timeline
  • Document tags (responsive, hot, privileged)
  • Quick launch into Relativity directly to relevant documents
  • Reviewer performance
Custodian Management
  • Legal Holds
  • Survey creation and administration
  • Streamlined collection templates for collection team
Production Management
  • Ensure consistency among productions
  • Manage Privilege Logs
  • Reporting on important production related statistics

Unprecedented and Unrivaled eDiscovery Reporting

DiscoveryMaster provides one unified platform for dynamic reporting on all projects in Relativity. Federated access across vendors enables visibility into every workspace and every individual piece of litigation. No more waiting for responses from multiple partners or vendors, and no more synthesizing differing terminology to understand what they’re actually telling you.

DiscoveryMaster Platform

Project Management Dashboard

Project Details

Custodian Management Dashboard

Finally, actionable intelligence for eDiscovery

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